Wave, founded at 2014, hsinchu, Taiwan.
Spending the first five years to study wood material, to better technique and to invest skilled craftsmen. In 2019, wave start to promote the sustainable wooden design.
We wish to transfer the beauty of solid wood to the user by using our design.
Mainly focus on using native Formosan koa, manufacturing sustainable product and creating the better design platform for the young designer.

wave use the native Formosan koa,
an endemic species in Taiwan.
The intensity 0.9 kg/m which is tough and strong.
The wood grain of Formosan koa is eye-catching.

To manufacture the high quality custom order wooden design.
We have temperature stimulate machine to control the deformation of product,
CNC 5 axial machine to manufacture the possibility of work.

Legal logging is the only way for us to gain the wood material.
By using the numbering system, we will plant the trees back to mother earth.
We keep the circle going which will lead to the sustainability.