CNC 5 axial machine

We love to challenge ourselves to create all the possibility of wooden product. The five axial computer numerical control machine can process the multi-surface. Using the exact control of the knife to manufacture the work with the accurate shape. CNC 5 axial can complete the difficult procession of any kind of request

Spray booth

We finish our wooden design with the nature coating which made in Japan and USA. For create the high-quality painting surface of product, we have the isolation booth for the spray process. Addition, we have the infrared light to accelerate the drying process for preventing the possibility of dust on the surface.

Environmental chamber

We received worldwide order from the worldwide customer. For the importing product between different continents, we control the moisture content of the ingredient during the manufacture and before shipping, we will use the Chamber to stimulate the environment of the buyer's location for a least seven days for the examination and make sure the product wouldn't split over time. This chamber can stimulate the temperature from 80 Celsius degree to minus 10 Celsius degree and the humidity from 10 percent to 60 percent.